Turnaround Marriage

Helping committed Christian married couples finally end cycles of conflict, negativity, and disconnection, and reclaim the love, passion, and playfulness they once had.

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Does it always have to be this way?

Whether you have drifted apart in your marriage, you lack the intimacy you used to have, or you have fallen into deep ruts of conflict, negativity, and disconnection, a complete TURNAROUND in your marriage is not only POSSIBLE but could be achieved QUICKER than you ever thought possible.

A Unique Approach

What we do is very different from everything else out there because we have a laser focus on getting you from where you are stuck to the dream marriage you've been praying for. We help you eliminate everything that is standing between you and your dream - we address the WHOLE person, and the MARRIAGE as well. The predominant belief is that marriages take years to fix. We have destroyed that thinking with what we do. We help both you and your marriage get healthy quickly - in body, heart, mind, and soul.

We're here to help.

Scott and Rachel Lawry are Christian Transformational Marriage Coaches that help struggling and on-the-brink-of-divorce Christian couples to restore their marriages and find the healing and help for which they've been desperately praying. Scott and Rachel guide couples to getting breakthroughs in communication and intimacy, restoring passion and fun, and beginning to dream again.

Scott and Rachel help committed Christian couples finally end cycles of conflict and disconnection, and reclaim the love, passion, and playfulness they once had.

Scott and his bride Rachel understand the pain of a struggling marriage and have experienced their own breakthrough, and they have a unique approach as they work together with couples. They have been passionately serving Christian couples and families for almost 30 years.

Help For Your Marriage


Our complimentary Masterclass: "The 5-Step Strategy Christian Couples Use to Completely Turn Their Marriage Around,

Recover Intimacy, and Fall Back In Love Again (Without Spending Years in Therapy or Counseling)."

Breakthrough Call

On this complimentary call, we will help you get clarity on what's not working in your marriage and help you dream again about what your marriage could be. We will show you what powerful next step you need to take to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to go in your marriage, and see if you are a good fit to work with us.

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Join our complimentary group to find encouragement, hope, and resources, and join a wonderful community of Christian couples seeking to grow in their marriages.

"I have been in a "funk" many years, especially the last 2. I don't know if it was depression or sadness, I just couldn't get my act together. This program almost right away helped me change my thought process. It has been magical. My marriage has also been saved. The support and tools we have been given have also helped get us "unstuck". We are REALLY enjoying each other again and having FUN!!!! I am most thankful for us developing a relationship with God...together." -Christine (KS)

"Y’all made a huge turnaround difference in our marriage! This has helped not only our marriage, but helped us as individuals. It has helped me tremendously ...and we are getting POURED into instead of just complaining to someone! And the material is so good! A few weeks ago, I called you in a desperate place & NOW we are LEAPS AND BOUNDS ahead of where we were!" -Tamra (GA)

"I can't believe it! In just 4 weeks, I have never felt this close to my wife in our 29 years of marriage!" -James (AL)

"It has been really profound for me. I have already gained so much in such a short time. I’m learning so much, my mind is crammed! I am beyond grateful that God brought us here and got you guys involved in our life. You’re definitely an answer to prayer! This is exactly what I needed - to rethink and think properly. There is so much! I have had so many breakthroughs in such a short time. I am so excited!"
-Karla (ID)

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you guys for what you're doing it is making all the difference!" -Kelly (SC)

"This program is so uniquely structured I really feel like it gives you the best results over traditional counseling. Not only is it biblically sound, but it also pushes you back towards Christ every time and...He is the one who designed marriage! We have been so tremendously blessed and feel like finding Turnaround Marriage was actually God at work in our lives and in our marriage!" -Elise (CO)

"We will anticipate challenges to come, but look to these times to turn us towards each other, to work through together, rather than allowing them to push us into isolation and separation. Together we are so much stronger against the adversary."
-Becky (TX)

"I just wanted to say thank you Scott and Rachel for your amazing lessons!! As I go through each one I feel more inner joy and peace and love for my amazing husband! As I think back on all the incredible memories and dreams fulfilled I feel grateful and happy for this amazing life that God has given me/us!! Gratitude is key!!!" -Lisa (ID)

[Turnaround Marriage has helped me] understand my wife and learn to love her again." -Stan (MN)

"Thank you Rachel! I truly know it was not a coincidence that I found you guys on Facebook! Your program has gotten us unstuck and given us the tools to move forward!" -Bonnie (AZ)

"If you're willing to put in the work and even do some of the modules, it's WORTH EVERY PENNY!" -Christina (WA)

It's hard to change and it's hard to break old habits, but I am getting there. And yes she notices, the other day... I told her I had listened to it and elaborated on the points that I felt applied to me and us, her eyes lit up and she said she was so excited that I had took the time to not only to listen to what she had asked but was willing to discuss it and try to grow from it. -Tim P. (GA)

Turnaround Marriage is the real deal. And, quite possibly THE most effective place for Christians to get practical, effective help for a struggling marriage. You will NOT find more wisdom, commitment, compassion or investment than you'll find here. Scott & Rachel are an amazing team, powerfully gifted and clearly used by God. They don't just offer timeless, well researched strategies (though you'll get those too!), but authentic, battle-tested first-hand experience. They've taken the struggles they've personally walked through & are pouring their lives into helping others. They will come alongside you, rally around you, pray for you, & contend for your marriage WITH you. They hold out a needed life preserver to those drowning in the pain of brokenness, betrayal, disillusionment & disconnection. Truly the best of the best. What ARE you waiting for? -Lisa (CO)

"It feels like all of my prayers are being answered!" -Karen (OR) Married 45 years

"The information multiplied my peace in knowing the Lord. I know that my sister marveled at me recently as I exuded contentment and joy. When Scott asked why I dared to speak against the daughter of the King, that was profound! Then the lessons of being worthy helped to see what God had to say. Incredible. I knew them, but I had failed to continuously enjoy them. Stan and I have more time together. More than 1/2 hour sometimes at 9:30 to read a book. The course got us first to reestablish our commitment to one another. We had time for business, to go out on dates, to talk. It helped me to recall that I married a great guy. It helped us to understand each other. It helped us to become vulnerable to each other. It helped to bring us closer to one another. Even though our daughter seems vexed that she isn't his only occupation; the change may be helping her security level. Also, In a way, she got her mother back!" -Diana (MN)

"We are definitely working more as a team- approaching life together and looking for ways to help each other instead of looking for ways that the other may be going against us." -Karli (PA)

"I am celebrating Turnaround Marriage! It has made a big difference in just 2 weeks! It has given us new paths, new ways of thinking, and new tools. We had hit THE roadblock, but this has opened it back up for us! Thank you!" -Beth (SC)

"I have a more positive outlook realizing every thing God has put in my path has a purpose for sanctification. I have a more positive outlook towards my wife. Our minds are different but we are equal." -David (OR - married 45 years)

"Thank you!!! You are helping us out so much in finding who we truly are again! I appreciate you taking time to help me with the challenge I was having...I truly think your advice helped stopped the cycle day-to-day continuing spiral. You have given us so much hope and inspiration! Grateful for you!" -Julie (TX)

"I have worked on thanking my husband for everything he does, no matter how little, and I have noticed that this seems to empower him to do more and he is more energized and motivated to work together." 
-Michelle (TN)

"It has given me hope, and both of you as well as the program have only supported and not contradicted God and his teaching in Scriptures on what God says about marriage and the joy we can and should have in our daily lives in our service to him. It has given us many tools to use to diffuse arguments we will have." -Ted (SC)

"[This program] has taught me importance of patience as we continue to work through the steps - communication and importance of giving grace during the difficult times." -Bryan (TX)

"To whom it may help and encourage, my wife and I are not ashamed to say we were at a dead end and heading for divorce. She had filed but then there was God who had a precious couple/ brother and sister in Christ named Scott and Rachel and no one that were quote unquote professional counselors weren't giving my wife and I any hope. We had one counselor that believed God could help us but his program wasn't a good fit for what my wife needed. Needless to say this program is and was a perfect fit for both of us because when God leads you to it, you will have peace and hope that surpasses the pain and fear that the enemy tries to cover you with but Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. Praise the Lord. For the past couple of months my beautiful wife and I have literally been laughing and praying together and encouraging each other and putting each other's needs before our own. It's truly been Heaven on earth and NOTHING SHORT OF A MIRACLE!!! To God be all Glory and Honor and thank you to Scott and Rachel for their transparency and obedience to the Lord.
BLESSINGS!!!" -Gene (TX)

"What you both do as a couple is meaningful. And for every sincere and humble heart who crosses your path, there is no way, they would not find great and lasting change!" -Emi (MD)

"It has been really profound for me. I have already gained so much in such a short time. I’m learning so much, my mind is crammed! I am beyond grateful that God brought us here and got you guys involved in our life. You’re definitely an answer to prayer! This is exactly what I needed - to rethink and think properly. There is so much! I have had so many breakthroughs in such a short time. I am so excited!" -Karla (ID)

"This experience has allowed my husband and I to feel safe expressing ourselves to one another again and to see that our motivations are rooted in love. I have the power to change my relationship and life by learning more about myself and changing my outlook and behaviors to be more positive and loving." -Felicia (AL)

"We can talk about the past without getting angry or bickering about trivial things.. I think my positivity has changed even though there is still a lot of pressure and stress with everything in our lives." -Andy (WI)

"[Working with Scott and Rachel] has helped me to alleviate my fears and negativity that were running my life/ ruining my life and replaced those feelings with hope and gratitude and a renewed sense of purpose in my life and in my marriage. It has put us back to being on the same team with Jesus leading us and showing us a better way." -Jim (KS)

"I needed to hear and read how to take care of my husband and my marriage. Implementing what I can, even as one person working on the marriage, has given me a fresh start and it can only serve to make me and my marriage better than ever." -Michelle (NC)

"You helped us focus on the BEST is yet to come!' -Dan (MN)

"What you both do as a couple is meaningful. And for every sincere and humble heart who crosses your path, there is NO WAY, they would not find great and lasting and change!"
-Amanda (FL)

"It really stuck out to me when he talked about how my response to my wife sharing has a direct affect on how she feels she is heard. I see this time & time again. I DON'T need to fix things, but my wife needs to know she is loved through whatever she is sharing/dealing with."  -Sean (MD)

[Turnaround Marriage] has saved my marriage and has brought Sarah and I close to each other and closer to God. Please don’t suffer; get help. I wish I had been open to it sooner. Marriage is a wonderful gift from God and this program gives you tools and helps have the marriage God wants for you.

-Jon H (NY)

*These results are for testimonial purposes only. These clients showed up 100% coachable, committed, and resourceful, dug in and did the inner work and the tangible work to get the outcome they did. As with anything, you will get out what you put in. There are no guarantees and the success of your marriage is 100% up to you. We require our clients to take total ownership of their marriage, but we provide the tools and support needed.

Recover Hope

Our goal is this: Even if hope feels far away, we KNOW that HOPE is right around the corner, and we want to help you find it right away!

Recover Intimacy

It is miserable to feel disconnected from the one that you once felt so close to and that you love dearly.  We can help.

Recover Health

We are committed to helping couples find health in their marriage through a holistic approach, addressing body, heart, mind, and soul.

Having Fun Again

Somewhere along the way, you have let stress eliminate the fun in your marriage. We are committed to helping you start having FUN again!

Laying a solid biblical foundation, developing new habits and practices, discovering who God made you to be, and breaking free of old stories can create endless possibilities in your marriage.

Discover a whole new way to do marriage.

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