A Unique Way To Prepare For Marriage

The average marriage costs over $20,000. So much time, energy, preparation, and plans are put in for the big day. Many DO NOT EVEN THINK to prepare for the days after the wedding - preparing emotionally, spiritually, and practically for the marriage. That's where we come in! We offer premarital counseling that is unlike what you will get anywhere else, coming from nearly 30 years of marriage, 20 years of pastoral ministry, and decades of practical experience. We can help preclude the common problems that couples have, and set you up for success in your marriage, so that you will be equipped with the right tools and mindset for a close, connected, God-honoring marriage. The BEST investment you can make is in yourself!

Transformational Preparation

You may not realize it, but you need to grow, learn, and even shift the way you view marriage. How you view yourself, your spouse, and the challenges that will inevitably come is crucial in getting right to have a close, connected marriage. Preparation can serve to help you to navigate communication, roles, children, extended family, and anything else that comes along. So we utilize the power of technology to help prepare you:


Our program includes 8 weeks of modules for you to work through on your own time (individually or together). This will serve to guide, encourage, and help you to fully understand how to integrate a Biblical understanding of marriage, Biblical thinking, and TONS of practical wisdom to prepare for great communication and teamwork.


We will also personalize your journey of preparation with coaching calls to help you to navigate any challenges that you may already be experiencing and help you to get on the same page in order to start you marriage off on the right foot!

Book A Complimentary Consultation Call


We open a chat where you can reach out to us and get our feedback, coaching, and support while you are going through the program. We will also offer you support even after you get married as you will be a welcomed member of the Turnaround Marriage community.