After experiencing our own Turnaround in our marriage, and helping families in the church and in hospice for years, we have a deep passion to help families before it is too late.

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Rachel Lawry

Rachel spent the first 23 years of her professional career as a physical therapist, using her knowledge of neuroscience and coaching to effect change in helping patients recover from injury and illness. She spent over 2 decades ministering to couples and families alongside Scott as a pastor's wife, and has a deep passion and knowledge to help empower families and couples to improve their health physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually using nutrition, mindset practices, stress management, exercise, and spiritual habits. She also has been trained by the best coaches in the world utilizing Transformational Coaching and is a lifelong learner. She has her Master's Degree from Washington University in St. Louis and continues to learn through countless continuing education courses in neuroscience, stress-management, mindfulness, anxiety and depression, nutrition, and other related topics. She is the co-founder of Turnaround Marriage and is passionate about building the Kingdom of God through helping Christians restore and renew their marriages.

Scott Lawry

Scott is a seminary-trained Christian Transformational Marriage Coach with the education and experience to help Christian couples get a lasting turnaround in their marriage. Scott pastored for 20 years, ministered to families and couples on their deathbed as a hospice chaplain, and counseled countless Christian couples for over 2 decades, and has been helping families realize their potential as they walk out their faith for all of his adult life. He completed his Master of Divinity degree from Covenant Seminary, and completed the prestigious Transformational Coaching Academy Program, which gives him both the biblical foundation and coaching expertise to help couples and individuals make permanent transformation. He is the co-founder of Turnaround Marriage and has a track record of success helping couples who have often been failed by traditional therapy or counseling to get a lasting turnaround in their marriage and find themselves happier and more connected to their spouse in just a short time.

More About the Lawrys

  • Having been married since 1995, and experiencing many years of struggle in our own marriage, we know the way out of the pain that comes with depression, anxiety, conflict, and disconnection. With the demands of ministry and the strain of adoption, we entered a season of extraordinary difficulty in our marriage and my (Scott's) health began to fail. We sought help from all angles including Christian retreats, counseling, books, and coaching, and we were finally able to break through and get our own marriage turnaround.
  • Having walked with couples for over 20 years and seeing the rise of divorce and disconnected marriages in the Church, we knew equipping and empowering couples and families was a huge need that was grossly unmet in the church.
  • Scott served as a Hospice Chaplain for a season and it was incredibly eye-opening to see how many couples and families literally waited until they were on their death bed before attempting to reconcile relationships and make things right in their marriage.
  • We believe that strong, healthy, God-honoring couples are the strongest witness to the world and one of the key instruments God uses to build His Kingdom through families, and it is our passion and mission to empower and equip as many Christian couples as possible to this end.
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  • We utilize a beautiful and effective blend of Biblical counsel and wisdom, proven and tested neuroscience, and the power of transformational coaching to equip couples to have a strong, God-honoring marriage. We show them how to effectively bring about change in behavior, thinking, attitude, and heart posture, how to overcome conflict and improve communication, how to release and reverse years of negative feelings and poor thought patterns, and how to reprioritize life, family, and ministry to bring about a quick but lasting change in the marriage, even if there has been conflict, fighting, or infidelity for years or decades.
  • We are so thankful for our 6 children, despite years of infertility, and we are blessed with both adopted and biological children by God's grace.
  • When we're not coaching couples, you will find us spending time with my family and friends hiking the trails of East Tennessee, cooking, playing sports, board games, and ping-pong, reading a great book, laughing at Christian comedians, or enjoying the beautiful outdoors.
  • Church life is very important to us and it is our joy to host a small group in our home on Sunday nights.